Payroll with JGBC

Payroll doesn't have to be complicated and expensive! As with all of JGBC's other services, payroll has been made easy and affordable. 

JGBC will process all your payroll and issue all appropriate information to both HMRC and employees via secure portals that meet the GDPR rules coming in to effect in May 2018. 

The services includes

  • Employee portal login to retrieve Payslips, P60s etc
  • PAYE reporting to HMRC
  • RTI submissions
  • End of year filings
  • Tax code changes
  • New starters
  • Leavers P45's
Weekly Payroll4 Weekly PayrollMonthly Payroll
1-5 Staff£24.55 Per Week£29.19 Per 4 Weeks£29.71 Per Month
6-15 Staff£50.53 Per Week£65.02 Per 4 Weeks£65.65 Per Month
16-25 Staff£94.21 Per Week£89.35 Per 4 Weeks£90.08 Per Month
25+ StaffPlease Contact For A Quote Please Contact For A QuotePlease Contact For A Quote


Do you have multiple staff whose hours want to track? You want to know what client or task they are working on? How about being able to see the location where they have and are doing the hours? How about an app for each staff members phone that tells them of their shifts and notifies them of any changes to help cover sickness? Tell me your headache, and I will tell you how Tsheets will help. 

Tsheets is the ultimate time tracking software; it integrates with Quickbooks online and Xero to allow simple accounting of wages and time logs. 

1 User£5.00 per month
2-99 Users£15.00 per month base rate £4.00 per user per month
100+  Users£75.00 per month base rate £4.00 per user per month 
Kiosk Clock in Add OnFree
Scheduling App Add OnFree

Contracts & Employee Hand Books

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