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JGBC Payroll Services

JGBC offers supportive and stress-free payroll to businesses of all sizes. I can manage your payroll at a lower cost per month than if you had your own in-house payroll department.

You would need over 165 employees before it was more cost effective to have an in house payroll position than to out source to JGBC

I will act as your payroll department and scale to fit with your particular business needs. By outsourcing your payroll you have no need for costly specialist staff, instead you have cost- effective access to an expert only when you need it.

JGBC payroll services include:

  • Processing your payroll data
  • RTI submissions to HMRC
  • Auto enrolment reporting and guidance
  • Printed or electronic payslip
  • Printed or electronic report
  • File transfer and data export
  • Email and phone support

For outsourced and stress-free payroll management, use my flexible payroll services and that can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. Enjoy the benefits of having your own payroll department without the accompanying management responsibility!

Submission of data by email
Excel based payroll input that you can email to us for processing.

Payroll data processing
I will process the payroll data you submit and ensure everything related to salaries, benefits, tax, NI and statutory payments are calculated correctly.

Payroll information supplied to you
After processing your payroll data I can supply whatever your business needs to manage payroll effectively. This includes:

  • Current and year to date payroll information
  • Summary details of RTI, PAYE, SSP, SMP, NIC and any other data you need
  • Electronic payslips or printed payslips
  • Electronic or Printed P45s for departing employees
  • BACS payment management
  • Ongoing advice and guidance

Management information at your fingertips

We can help you streamline your payroll and accounting functions with prompt and accurate reporting. Reports can include PAYE, NI, SSP and SMP summaries, cumulative figures to date, cost centre analysis reports and many more.

Why not outsource?
If you lack the skills and time yourself, why not outsource your entire payroll to an expert? I provide support for a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries.

Auto-Enrolment & Pension Management

Staging dates, opt-in and opt-out employees, ongoing eligibility assessment, pension provider interfacing, contribution calculations and payment, compliance declarations, management reporting... you could be forgiven for struggling to get to grips with auto enrolment!

The government’s workplace pension provision is mandatory for all employers, there's no avoiding it. If you employ at least one person, you have a legal duty to set up a pension scheme for your employees and contribute towards it.

Failure to comply results in enforcement action in the form of statutory notices, penalty notices and (worst case scenario) court action. In fact, the charges you could face for not living up to your duties range from a £400 fixed penalty notice to £50,000 civil penalty.

JGBC can introduce you to Lee Ray of Blue Mondays. Lee is a trusted and experienced pensions adviser who can take you through and support you and your employees from staging date to retirement and onwards. Visit http://www.workplacepensions.n... to see Lee's services. 

JGBC’s payroll and pension services

With my end-to-end, complete payroll and pension service, I will manage not only all of the usual payroll tasks such as processing your salaries, I will also look after pension contributions in accordance with auto-enrolment legislation including:

  • Assessing employees each payroll cycle for any changes to their circumstances
  • Checking for eligible joiners according to qualifying criteria such as age, length of service and earnings
  • Once enrolled, managing your workers for opted leavers should individuals choose to leave the scheme
  • Automatically calculating pension contributions in line with your employment policy
  • Creating management-level reports, routine employee correspondence and other mandatory paperwork
  • Uploading pension contribution data monthly and liaising with pension providers
  • Maintaining a clear digital audit trail throughout in accordance with the Pensions Regulator rules
  • Helping each worker in your company make appropriate financial plans for retirement via their pension

As an employer, sign up for pension support and benefit from my expertise to simplify your approach to pension provision. In other words, let me do the hard work for you. It's one less worry and one less distraction, leaving you free to get back to the important task of running your business. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends sorting out your payroll and pensions (common for owners of SMEs) enjoy some much-needed leisure and family time.

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