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About JGBC

In the early part of my career I found myself doing a wide range of jobs, from retail assistant/ retail manager, to working in bars and eventually managing a bar (I ended up running my own pub). I then tried my hand at HR admin and after a few years became a Finance Manager.

Three years ago I moved to Perthshire in Scotland and fell in love with the area, and decided that the time was right to become self-employed. I set up JGBC (Johann Goree Business Consultancy) to offer bookkeeping, payroll and business consultancy services to businesses all over the UK.

When I’m not busy supporting businesses with their financial needs, you’ll often find me out with my camera walking and enjoying the beautiful Scottish countryside, eating out or volunteering in the local community.

How can JGBC help you?

I understand not everyone gets excited by numbers and graphs. Some people are fearful, others would just prefer to do anything other than accounts! After helping a few business owner friends with their accounts it became clear that I was supposed to set up my own bookkeeping and accountancy practice.

A lot of Bookkeepers will just do the work and leave it at that. I believe that as a business owner you need to understand your finances so that you can plan for growth. I go the extra mile and help you to understand accounting processes as well as making sure your books are up-to-date and accurate.

JGBC takes the stress of Bookkeeping & Payroll away, helps you to better understand financial practices and guarantees to cost you less than having your accounts done in-house!

You would need to have 341.25 staff members on monthly payroll before it becomes cheaper to employ someone in house on a part time basis!

JGBC operates in a friendly, customer focused manner offering telephone support whenever you need it - after all which businesses operate 9-5, Monday to Friday anymore? No matter where you are in the UK, JGBC is just a phone call or Skype call away to deal with all of your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs! 

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