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What should be expected from an accountant or bookkeeper?

What should you expect from your accountant/bookkeeper? The levels of service you receive from accountants and bookkeepers vary considerably as do the prices you pay. I think it's important that you receive a minimum level of service from your accountant/bookkeeper. Accountants and Bookkeepers should be seen as your business adviser, not just someone that deals with historic numbers and appears once a year followed by a big bill. Below are the minimum expectations you should have for your a...

March 19, 2018

Red Squirrels Vs Grey Squirrels: How do you decide who your business should work with

When you are a start-up or a small business, it can be hard to find suitable business partners to team up with.Sometimes the services your business needs can feel expensive and out of reach. Other times the support and personal touch that you need is simply not there.  The problem could be that you are trying to work with grey squirrels. Who are the red and grey squirrels? Recently I had the pleasure of listening to Prof Donald MacLean who used the analogy of red & grey squir...

February 23, 2018

New Scottish Tax Rates

So the Scottish government has used  the powers Westminster granted it a couple of years back to dictate the tax rate on half of the income tax paid by Scottish residents. These powers mean 10p in every pound earned over the threshold (£11,850 as of April 2018) will go to Westminster and the rest of the tax amount to Holyrood to spend on services in Scotland. The Scottish government has put the following tax brackets in place for Scottish residents from April 2018.  £0-£11,8500%£11...

December 17, 2017

Making Tax Digital

As you may have heard over the last few months the government has now resumed the process and its progress towards the launch of MTD which had been postponed due to the general election. I wanted to take a few moments to explain to you what we know so far and how it may impact on you and your business.  What is MTD?Making tax digital is the governments attempt at streamlining the tax return system and taking it into the 21st century. It will mean more regular tax assessment returns and the&...

November 21, 2017

Finance Advice

Unless you’re an accountant or bookkeeper it’s probably fair to say that the financial side of running your business isn’t your strongest skill. You only need to watch the entrepreneurs on Dragons’ Den crumble as they try to remember their figures to know you are not alone here. Having financial expertise is becoming more and more important. However, money is the lifeblood of your business. The quicker you learn the basics and get used to managing it, the healthier your business will be ...

September 9, 2017

Auto Enrolment Pensions

As a bookkeeper i want to help my payroll clients through the new automatic enrolment (AE) process. If you employ at least one member of staff then you will soon have AE duties to carry out. If you have eligible workers you must act to enrol them into a qualifying AE pension scheme at the staging date that will be sent to you via post. If an employer has non-eligible or entitled workers, then the employer doesn’t have to set up a pension scheme. Both non-eligible workers and entitled work...

September 2, 2017

Cash flow & late payment headaches?

Getting paid quickly... Late payments are one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs in the UK today, and a problem JGBC helps businesses with all the time. According to a report commissioned by Ultimate Finance, 81% of small business owners say that late payments are an issue for them. Getting late payments from customers means the difference between your business surviving or going bust. Most small business owners think that making a profit is the main goal. In truth, this means nothing if your...

August 13, 2017

Is it time to outsource your accounts?

Every business needs its books keeping, but is the owner the best person for the job? There comes a time when every business should consider outsourcing bookkeeping to a licensed professional Bookkeeper. Normally there comes a point when many small business owners realise that they no longer have the time to do their accounts, or hate doing it and would rather spend their time doing other things. Paying a bookkeeper to keep your accounts up to date often kills these two birds with one stone. All...

August 13, 2017

Card charges shown the red card

How Will This Affect Your Business? I’ve seen a lot of blogs and articles recently about the scrapping of the card transaction fees, and how this is a great win for customers. However very few people (if any) have looked at it from the point of view of the business owners. Yes, it's great that the likes of Easyjet can no longer top up their profits by charging that extra 3%, but what about the local taxi firm or any other small business with tight margins? Last week, it was announced that the ...

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